Requirements for writing an unban request

  • Dear Community,

    in this writing you will find the requirements for posting an unban request.

    Only the following persons may write in the request for debonement:

    1. Threadcreator
    2. Involved Persons
    3. Team Members

    The following form must be completed to post a unban request.

    Code: Vorlage
    1. Nickname:
    2. Which project: [GTA V DM, GTA V RP, NoG-TTT etc..]
    3. Level:
    4. Executing Administrator:
    5. Reason for Suspension:
    6. Duration of the Suspension:
    7. Time of punishment (Suspension):
    8. Screenshot:
    9. Your view to the Suspension?:

    Please fill the template! - If this does not happen, the request will be rejected without an comment!

    Best Regards

    NoG - Team