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    Dear Community,

    in this writing you will find the requirements for posting an unban request.

    Only the following persons may write in the request for debonement:

    1. Threadcreator
    2. Involved Persons
    3. Team Members

    The following form must be completed to post a unban request.

    Code: Vorlage
    1. Nickname:
    2. Which project: [GTA V DM, GTA V RP, NoG-TTT etc..]
    3. Level:
    4. Executing Administrator:
    5. Reason for Suspension:
    6. Duration of the Suspension:
    7. Time of punishment (Suspension):
    8. Screenshot:
    9. Your view to the Suspension?:

    Please fill the template! - If this does not happen, the request will be rejected without an comment!

    Best Regards

    NoG - Team

    Dear Community,

    we announce that our projects Streets of San Andreas and are merging.

    With the Community Nation of Gaming, we want to offer you a community platform, with its own community servers.

    In addition to our own game servers and the merger, we are taking another important path. - Accordingly we offer the English language as well as the German language.

    Some of you will surely ask yourself why we decided to fusion.

    The whole thing is quite simple. - We want to minimize the workload internally as well as externally and expand both projects in order to organize community projects.

    For example own Garrys Mod, CS:GO or ARK Server. With NoG all doors are open for us and we open the existing barriers by fusion different websites.

    The website and the other instances of NoG will soon be available in both languages.

    Enclosed we will remove both forums: and from the net and forward them to

    We thank you for your understanding and look forward to meeting old faces.

    Best regards

    your NoG - Team

    Dear Community,

    we are happy to announce that our first community project is now online.

    This project is a Garry's Mod - Trouble in Terrorist Town Gameserver.

    This gameserver can be reached by all of you under the IP address below.

    Suggestions to Addons and Co., you can submit here -> ( Ideen und Vorschläge ) <-.

    The server can be reached under the following IP:

    Thank you for your attention!

    Best Regards

    NoG - Team